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s a family run business our mission is simple:

o provide fast, expert service to commercial and "Industrial " developers, .

rom day one, we’ve realized that to succeed in today’s volatile construction industry, we would have to offer more. By taking the time to closely synchronize all aspects of our job with the schedule and timeline of the general contractor, we strive to achieve the highest level of flexibility.

n today’s job site, last minute changes and revisions are a fact of life. How quickly a company responds to situations on the fly will determine whether deadlines and therefore budgets are met. At Rapid Steel, we are aware of this, which is why we pay particular attention to job coordination with architects, engineers, and trades to follow.

t Rapid Steel we have always been willing to invest the time and effort needed to forge a long term relationship with our clients. This is why, currently, repeat customers account for more than 80% of annual sales.

n short, we’re not just looking for business, instead, we’re looking for repeat business. If you agree, give us a call.




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